• Client

    Nectar Inc.
  • Role

    Senior Mobile Engineer
  • Year

  • Platforms

    Web & Mobile - iOS, Android & React.js
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Nectar Inc. is a Palo Alto, California based startup that developed an IoT solution for the hospitality and consumer packaged goods industries.


I joined Nectar Inc. in the early, pre-funded, days of 2014 to help build a proof of concept for the initial idea of being able to track the contents of a container using ultra-sound from a cap/lid. From April -September 2014, the two founders, firmware engineer & myself worked tirelessly on finding a hardware and software solution to the problem.




With a working proof of concept Nectar Inc. soon raised seed capital with the initial goal of tracking bar inventory through the use of connected pourer & stopper caps. I was then able to join full-time as the first employee, wearing many hats, to help start build out the software & design teams and continue working closely with firmware/hardware to the product to market.



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